Wake Up And Live

Wake Up And Live

As the New Year began I found myself dealing with endless career reflections, and as I stand now, one thing I know for sure is that no path can never be the same in the creative sector. I am at peace with where I am, nothing I imagined yet a wonderful experience. I should just say its perks surpasses the frustrations, it keeps me focused on the bigger picture. Things have changed, life and focus. Knew dreams have been birthed. At the moment you will find me slaving and slaying somewhere in Florida/Mexico/ At Sea…just somewhere in the middle.

I chose to go on this journey to discover, learn and heal. The world is big and you might as well see all you can… I feel more inspired, there’s nothing much we need in life but love, now I know. I will also continue creating and letting this dream project grow on my end, with a global perspective. 

In the spirit of nurturing ourselves creatively, I got together with my colleague and we made images of ourselves for us. We spend most of our time playing by the rules in order to meet the standards of what is required of us daily. Thus getting a moment to do what we truly desire is fulfilling. Model/Collegaue; photographer Ana Prestes from Brazil.


The session was not ‘pre planned’ merely inspired by the ruined yet attractive beach space in Cozumel, Mexico. I am yet to explore more of Cozumel and just cover its colorful streets. But for now feed on these few images, share with yours!